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July 28, 2010

Dad's Perfect Homemade Rootbeer

Summer would just not be Summer, without my dad's homemade rootbeer. He has it perfected, I tell you. Absolutely perfected. I attempted to make it for the first time and it was good. But I still like it better when my dad's at the brewery. 

I thought about posting a picture of a glass of ice cold rootbeer (oh man, so good), but I thought I'd post a picture of the action instead. Kids love this part! And I secretly still do too.

You've got to try this, but make sure you invite lots of friends over, because you're going to have A LOT of soda on your hands. 


4 gallons water
5 lbs. dry ice
5 lbs. sugar (9 C.)
1 bottle Root Beer Extract

Add and dissolve sugar in 1 gallon water. Pour in rootbeer extract. Fill the extract bottle with water and pour into jug to ensure you get ALL the flavoring. Add 4 gallons water. About ½ hour before serving, add dry ice and allow to process. Be sure to leave the lid off, or at least leave it loose on top, otherwise you'll create a root beer bomb. No fun.

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