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May 5, 2011

Happy STINKO de Mayo

When I was a single lass, I was nick-named the "spatula." Because whenever I seriously dated a guy, I was the last gal he dated before he took the plunge. So I was the one who "flipped them over" before they were done cooking in the single world.

One year my beau and I broke up and he got married about 7 months later on Cinco de Mayo.

The very next year I was dating someone else. We broke up and I moved across the country to "start a new life." Well 4 months later I got news he was getting married... ON CINCO de MAYO!

Really? Two years in a row, I get slapped in the face on this "holiday?"

I was living with my aunt and uncle at the time, so in venting my dating woes and frustrations to my aunt {whom I love more than I can express}, she wisely said, "Well, we're changing the name of this holiday to STINKO de Mayo."

Now that I'm happily married and living in bliss, I still like to refer to this day as Stinko, because it makes me laugh for one, but it makes me SO happy those stinky guys decided to get married on this day and leave me behind to find the TRUE love of my life.


Speaking of my honey-love, this past Sunday night as we were lying in bed going over our schedules for this week. He randomly said, "Can I make dinner every night this week?"

Me: "Why?"

Hubs: "I just want to try it. I'll plan it, I'll do the shopping, and I'll make it."

Me: "But you have a stressful week at work this week and you're taking a test on Friday."

Hubs: "Aly, I think I can handle it. Really. I want to try it."

Ooooo-kay. It's been awesome! I'll be posting his recipes soon. He's done a fabulous job! So, I'm not making dinner tonight. But if I WERE making dinner for STINKO de Mayo, I'd probably choose something like the menu below.

On a random side note, a couple years ago I worked with this sweetest woman named Maria...straight from Mexico. She is adorable and one HECK of a chef. I was so excited to plan a work party on Cinco de Mayo and she sucked the wind right out of my sails, when she informed me that this is an American holiday. They don't even celebrate it in Mexico. Wha??

{Cinco-STINKO de Mayo Menu}

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Julianna said...

This post cracked me up!!!

Lizi Bates said...

The Wonder is at it again! I'm seriously so impressed he wanted to be in charge of dinner all week, dang he's awesome!! And I never knew about Stinko de Mayo, haha! You are so funny and fun and I miss you!

aeshcame said...

really nice. Just love reading it!

tz said...

great picture of the two of you...and dinner for a whole week! WOW.
these recipes look great!