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April 7, 2011

Turning 1 today & Celebrating with cake, OF COURSE!

*Disclaimer: Just keep in mind I've never claimed to be a cake decorator. Maybe some day!*

Today marks my first DELICIOUS post exactly one year ago today. Wow!

I have loved having this blog. Well...let me be completely honest.There were times in the past year I wanted to throw my hands up and say, "No more!" and then subsequently shove my face in some peanut butter and chocolate. But I kept going because I was so motivated by your sweet comments and seeing all the pageviews coming through. If my brain dumps are helping you prepare yummy dishes, then I'm happy as can be!

So 158 posts, nearly 21,000 pageviews, and 5 pounds later, here I am.  And I'm looking forward to an even better, even yummier, MORE DELICIOUS year two. Thanks for joining me on my journey. And for heaven's sakes push the little button on the side to follow my blog and also take a moment to become a facebook fan. It just boosts my spirits, that's all! Kind of like getting a gold star on your math homework. 

By the way, I have to say that I never have claimed to be a cake decorator, but it was still fun to make myself a cake! My son was pretty excited too. He helped me sing "Happy Birthday" to "Delicious." He doesn't know what that means, he was just excited to blow out the candle for this "Delicious" person who didn't bother to show up to do it herself. 

You can see what the "top posts" have been down the right column of the blog. Those are the posts that have been viewed the most. {Which by the way, I'm thinking I better do more kid crafts!} But I wanted to list MY top 10 favorite posts from year one. Here they are.

 10- How to pick and cut the PERFECT watermelon
9- Chicken Bacon Salad in Homemade Pita Pockets

8- Baked Potato Soup

7- Peanut Noodle Salad

 6- Reese's candy bars - THE BEST

 5- BBQ Pork Ribs with Mama's BBQ Sauce

 4- Pig Salad

3- German Chocolate Waffle Brownies

2- Mediterranean Pita Pockets aka Duners

1- Parmesan Breadsticks

 0- Snickerdoodle Bundt Cake 
(What? I had 11 to post. So there's a "0" in my list, big deal!)

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating Some Kind of Delicious's 1 year mark with me. Enjoy!

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amy said...

Congratulations!! I LOVE your blog! :)

Lizi Bates said...

how is this possible...i swear i was already a "follower" b/c hello i've been here a LOT this past year being inspired about what to cook for dinner, but somehow i must not have ever clicked the silly button. i LOVE your blog Aly! Happy Birthday Dear Delicious :)

Mrs. Taylor said...

well, cousin, I think that you are a great "cake decirator" HAHAHA! Love your guts