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April 26, 2011

Indoor Mini Golf Felt Set

Well, you all surprised me. I thought you were interested in FOOD recipes. But you all loved the toddler discovery box so much, I've decided to throw some crafts in here and there too.

April showers mean cranky toddlers, right? It's no fun being cramped inside. WE WANT WARM WEATHER! So I'm on the hunt for indoor activity ideas for toddlers and kids.

We created this family mini golf course the other night and I honestly think my husband and I had more fun playing than my 2-year-old. It was so fun! I made these little felt holes in seriously under 10 minutes. SO SIMPLE! 

I took the front room for the "front nine" {which really was 4} and my husband took the back room to set up the "back nine" {really it was 5}. We used our sons toys and anything else we could find around the house to make holes. We used our little plastic golf clubs and balls and went at it. Our rule was you just had to get it on the "green" the black hole was a little ambitious, especially for a little guy.

My professional golf lessons paid off! Whew.

1 yard green felt (these are estimates, it depends on how big you make them)
1/4 yard black felt
White fabric
Colored fabric (use whatever scraps you have around the house)
Black permanent marker
Glue gun

Cut the green felt into 9 random, interesting shapes, representing the "green." Cut the black felt into 9 small round holes, large enough for a golf ball to sit on. Cut the white fabric into numbers 1-9 (just free hand it, people!). Cut the colored scrap material into 9 triangles.

Glue black holes, numbers and triangles onto the greens. Draw a black line straight down beneath the triangle flags, to represent the flag pole.

Set up your golf holes with toys and other house-hold items. Make a fool of yourself, laugh your head off, and enjoy!

1- Use building blogs to make curves or bridges.
2-Go through a toy barn to reach the hole.
3-Go over a 3-ring binder.
4-Drape a blanket over your table for a "blind man's bluff."
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