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October 18, 2011

Witches Brew Party Activity & Drink

Halloween party time is upon us! Are you ready? I have always loved Halloween and Halloween parties. I think it started with my grandparents who would always get a HUGE pile of sawdust and hide candy and money in it. We got to search for our treasures. I always thought that was the greatest.

But I love all Halloween activities, hay rides, pumpkin carving, carnival games, costumes. All of it. My son is really getting into it this year. And much to my dismay started insisting on picking his own costume. How did he already out-grow my picking a "cutsie" costume for him? Ugh, he's barely three and still in diapers for heavens sake! He's insisted on being a motorcycle driver. And honestly, it doesn't get scarier than that for a mother! 

Anyway...back to the Witches Brew. We did this at the family Halloween Party last year. My sister-in-law Angie is AMAZINGLY creative. She came up with this Witches Brew and it was a BIG hit. 

WARNING: You'll want to do this outside because little witches don't have the best aim when contributing to the brew.

We gave each child a mason jar of an ingredient. The older kids had the drink portions. I think we did grape soda and strawberry soda. And we called it things like "bat juice" and "blood." But I was thinking lemon-lime with green food coloring would be fun with the grape also. 

The other jars had things like plastic vampire fangs, rubber rats, spider rings, plastic frogs. You get the idea. Get creative. 

We had some of the drink already in the "witches brew" with some dry ice so it was smoking and bubbling. Then each child got to add their ingredient. Then as we served the drink, we made sure each child got a special "ingredient" in their cup. Their squeals of delight were priceless.

Let me know if you try it and what you do differently! Enjoy!

Punch Bowl or Witches Brew bucket
Mason jars
Dry ice
Grape soda - "Bat Juice"
Strawberry soda- "Blood" (or your choice of sodas)
Vampire fangs
Rubber rats
Spider rings
Plastic frogs
Any other Halloween party favor or toy
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