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October 22, 2010

Candy Filled Brownie Bites

These are my new favorite, last-minute treats. They are so cute and yummy and very presentable I might add. I got the idea from my cute friend Mauri, at a bridal shower she threw. Adorable! She used Rolo's in hers, but I'm a peanut butter fanatic, so naturally mine have Reese's. The ideas or endless!


1 box brownie mix (I love my brownie recipe, but I was in a hurry today)
Candies of your choice

Mix brownies according to package directions. Spoon into mini cupcake liners and cook for about 20 minutes. Pull out of oven and press candies into the centers immediately. You need to do this before they harden too much. Makes about 40.

That's it! You're set. Isn't that just genius? I thought so too.

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Bradbury Bunch said...

ALy! This blog looks AMAZING!! GREAT WORK!! Although--it's not good for the diet, but oh well! Heck! Tis the season right? So bring on those brownie bites!! Keep blogging--I already have a list of "I HAVE TO TRY THIS SOON!" So thanks for this blog!!! i just wish we were neighbors so we could come over and help you eat this instead of cooking/baking it ourselves! :)

Kaitlin said...

Finally just made these. Yummmmm. Thanks!