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August 2, 2010


A lot of changes have been going on around here. I've opened The Delicious Store, where you'll find even more designs for your own personalized recipe cards.

Now you have the option to print a matching back on your recipe cards, complete with your own personalization. These would make organizing your kitchen a joy. They'd also make for a very unique gift for a birthday, mother's day, or wedding.

These are cute, original recipe cards, personalized JUST for you. I hope you enjoy them!

Take a look at The Delicious Store and let me know what you think. 

Here are just a few of the designs available. To see all the cards with prices, click here.


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1 comment:

Miss Burningham said...

aly- I love the recipe cards. I'm helping out with a bridal shower for a coworker of mine. I'm thinking I'll have everyone bring a favorite recipe and then they can write them down on your darling cards for Melody. She'll have great recipes from great people on great cards! YEAH!