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December 21, 2010

Doughnut Hole Snowmen

Now listen, I realize this isn't a "high fashion" looking snowman. I realize I could have made another one that looked more photogenic. But I like this one, because I had a blast building it with my adorable 2-year-old son. 

My son is obsessed with snowmen this year. Me? I'd really rather stay inside than go out in the snow...that's daddy's job. So, we built these cute, little, indoor, doughnut-hole snowmen today. He LOVED it! And so did I. He was so surprised that he could have free reign with candy. It was adorable. 

So, here's just a fun food activity for you and your kids this winter season. Obviously you can use all different sorts of things to decorate, but here's what we used.

 -Powdered Sugar Doughnut Holes
- Pretzel Sticks
- Chocolate Grasshopper cookies
- Candy Corns
- Pull n' peel Licorice
- Marshmallows
- White Chocolate Wafers

Melt Chocolate wafers in microwave in 30 second intervals until it's runny. Spread a little dollop on your plate and stick first dough-nut hole on top (as the white chocolate sets up, it will be your "plaster"). Stick a pretzel in the dough-nut hole and place the next dough-nut hole on top. Put another pretzel in the middle dough-nut hole just until half is hidden. Stick the 3rd dough-nut hole on the pretzel that is exposed. Spread white chocolate on top of head and anchor a cookie on top for a hat. Decorate with candies as you like! Enjoy!

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