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November 7, 2011

What I've been cooking & why I hate food

To all of my die-hard Some Kind of Delicious fans out there

Just kidding.

Well, I've obviously been MIA lately. And a lot of you may already know why. But it's because this is what I've been busy cooking instead.


Which means I'm spending most of my time here.
(this is not actually my bed, after all the time I've spent in it lately, there's no way I'd post an actual picture of it!)

Oh, and here. 
(yep, also not my toilet, but you get the idea)

A few weeks ago I was crying to my husband saying (all hormonal-like), "I can't think about my blog. I can't think about food. I HATE FOOD. And I can't imagine I EVER liked food."

Yep, that was pretty much devastation for him. And then he laughed nervously, "Oh honey, you will like it again, I'm sure. Just be patient with yourself."

And with that, I've taken a hiatus from thinking about food....and cooking...and eating anything other than crackers, fresca, and gum. 

But I hope to like food again. I really do. And when that desire comes back, you'll know it! I'm just praying that by Thanksgiving I'll like food at least. How tragic would that be? Almost as tragic as my poor sister who got braces two days before Thanksgiving. Who planned that? 

Anyway, hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things soon. Who knows if anyone is still really out there and cares anyway. Any thoughts, words of comfort, or complaints?


Ok, back to the bed.  
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Kristy said...

I don't know why but I can take a guess!!! I hope it's the reason I'm thinking....

Melanie said...

Congratulations, Aly! Take it easy until you get over the worst of it (hopefully not too much longer)!

Kiki said...

The sacrifice of mothers for their children. Wow it starts early! (Boy do I understand that now) Your posts will be missed, but take it easy and we'll be here when you're ready to get cooking again!

Nate and Jamie said...

Love ya cuz! I read every post! Congrats on the "bun in the oven"! I have known for awhile just never officially said congrats. SO EXCITING!! Hope you feel better soon. Maybe we will start seeing you more often with Court as our neighbor now :) Love ya, XOXO!

Elise said...

I haven't officially said CONGRATS yet either! I'm SO HAPPY for you guys & hope that these "blahs" are the worst you experience this time around - you deserve it!! We are so excited for you!

Nicole said...

Congratulations! Sorry you are so sick, hopefully it will end soon. Fun blog BTW!