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April 22, 2013

DIY Bench from old headboard

I have a new addiciton. DIY and repurposing. I love it! I love the creativity of people. Well this was my first project and I think it turned out cute!

I found this old headboard at the Deseret Industries for $8. I brought it home and Steve said, "What is that? It looks like something from the Brady Bunch."


So it sat in our basement for a month or so. I stopped asking Steve if he'd help me with it because he kept laughing at me.

One day, he came home and handed me $30 and said, go get the stuff and I'll build it WITH you.

So, we did! And it was fun. I mean it helps that his dad has all the equipment you'd ever need to build things. But Steve & his dad kept making fun. And I kept telling them, "You're going to like my bench and you're going to want to sit on it.

So about $30 into it and that's what we came up with!

It doesn't quite fit in our kitchen like I thought it would (color wise), so I may end up using it somewhere else. But I love it! And Steve even got excited about it. When will he ever trust that I have a picture of something in my mind that will be absolutely FABULOUS?

Now I just need to get a picture of Steve & his dad sitting on it. ha!
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Michelle said...

That is amazing! It's beautiful!!

Lizi Bates said...

Aly you got skills and their multiplyin'! I think it turned out great!! I love that Steve gave you $30 haha. That is totally something George would do. I love DIY projects, especially bringing old furniture back to life, but I've found it's nearly impossible with my little humans' help. Well it's possible, it just takes ten years and I lose patience. Glad to see you posting on here again :)

nfl jerseys cheap said...

Haven't to see you. Really creative. I like DIY.

Aly said...

Thanks everyone! It was a fun project to do. And Liz, I love that George would treat it the same way. Maybe we need a picture of Steve & George on the bench!

Thomas Watson said...

It is amazing what can be done to refresh something. A job well done!